Western Dairy Tanker Drops - Western Dairy on the Road

The Western Dairy Tanker Drop is delivered to farmers directly into their milking sheds by our local tanker drivers. Sent out to farmers on a monthly/fortnightly basis they cover a snapshot of timely issues happening on farm, and provide a quick update. Initially developed by the former Dairy Industry Development Specialist Rob La Grange, the Hub saw them as a great opportunity to keep farmers up to date on upcoming events and act as timely reminders in busy times, and so opted to continue sending them out.

Below you’ll find some of our most recent tanker drops and also some historical ones.

Tanker Drop 3.1 2016

Tanker Drop 5.1 2016

Tanker Drop 4.1 2016

Tanker Drop 11.1 2015

Tanker Drop 9.1 2015

Tanker Drop 12.1 2015

Tanker Drop 6.1 2016

Tanker Drop 7.1 2015

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