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Western Dairy is one of eight Regional Development Programs that are spread throughout the nation’s key dairy areas and operates under the auspices of Dairy Australia.

Western Dairy has been operating since 1997 to guide the strategic direction and implementation of dairy research, education and promotion programs in the Western Australian region.

Western Dairy works closely with WA Farmers Dairy Section, the Department of Agriculture and Food WA, the South West Catchment Council, the Department of Environment; the Department of Water, together with WA dairy processors and service providers, in implementing its annual operating plan, in the best interests of WA dairy farmers. Read more...

  • Dairy Innovation Day
    Thursday April 28, 2016
    Hosted by Darren & Sharon Merritt

  • Dairy Innovation Day Dinner
    Thursday April 28, 2016
    Lighthouse Beach Resort

  • Post Innovation Day Farm Tour
    Friday April 29, 2016
    Hosted by Wade & Amy Scott

Click here to view the full list of dairy seminars, field walks, discussion groups and training opportunities that Western Dairy is convening or supporting over the next two months.

Click here to download the latest data outlining the advantages of investing in the WA dairy industry 

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Western Dairy RD&E Hub

(Located in the South West Catchments Council Offices)

1 Vershuer Place

Bunbury 6230

Tel: 9724 2420

Kirk Reynolds - Agribusiness Team Leader    Kirk.Reynolds@westerndairy.com.au

Jessica Andony - extension and youth    jessica@westerndairy.com.au

Ruairi McDonnell - dairy researcher    Ruairi.mcdonnel@westerndairy.com.au

Western Dairy Management

Regional Manager: Esther Jones

PO Box 668 Denmark WA 6333

Tel: 0418 931 938; esther@westerndairy.com.au

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Western Dairy

Western Dairy

PO Box 668
Denmark, WA, 6333
Tel: 0418 931 938
Email: esther@westerndairy.com.au  Web: www.westerndairy.com.au