The Rumen8 Tool

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Rumen8 is a free software application running on Microsoft Windows computers that allows farmers and consultants to easily manage dairy cow diets to increase production and reduce costs. It was originally developed by the staff of the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia as an ‘in-house’ tool for managing the dairy herds on the Vasse Research Station near Busselton, Western Australia.  

An emphasis on ease of use sets it apart from many other nutrition packages and makes it ideal for creating or checking cow diets on the dairy computer by farm managers, owners and consultants.  Ownership has now been transferred to Western Dairy and Dairy Australia who have funded further development.

Rumen8 provides an easy interface allowing different diets and their effect on production and margins to be explored.  

Much more sophisticated nutrition models are available but require more feed component information and considerably more time and knowledge to determine suitable diets, restricting their usefulness on farm. It has been used by the authors for 10 years to manage the diets of the Department of Agriculture and Food research herds as it provided good predictions of cow performance on the pasture based diets common in the Australian dairy industry.

Rumen8 allows the user to design a diet from up to 10 feeds and ensure a cows dietary needs are met. Multiple feeds can be stored and compared and if milk and feed prices are entered, the difference between feed price and return from milk calculated.

Rumen8 can be downloaded and used straight away in demo mode but is restricted to 2 diet components until it is registered. Registration is free. To apply for a registration number please send an email to Richard Morris at

Click here to download Rumen8

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