Western Dairy Management

Esther Jones (nee Price) – Regional Manager

Agricultural marketing and management consultant Esther Jones (nee Price) was appointed to the positive of executive officer of Western Dairy in 1999. Under Esther’s management Western Dairy has grown in stature and recognition to become a quality provider of services and information to the WA dairy industry. Esther is passionate about advancing the dairy industry and a proud winner of the WAFarmers Milk Bottle Award for services to the sector, in 2013. Esther is responsible for the overall management and performance of Western Dairy and operates from an office in Denmark.

Email: esther@westerndairy.com.au

Esther Price


Western Dairy Bunbury Office

The Western Dairy Hub operates out of the South West Catchments Council (SWCC) offices at 1 Verschuer Place, Davenport, Bunbury. The Hub has three full time staff plus a team of part time project specific contractors. SWCC is a key strategic partner of Western Dairy and provides all administrative and HR resources to the Western Dairy Hub.

Kirk Reynolds – Western Dairy Agribusiness Team Leader

Kirk Reynolds heads up the Western Dairy research and extension program based in Bunbury.  With a strong background in agricultural science and business, Kirk’s role with Western Dairy is to guide the extension and applied research activities in a manner that best meets the needs of WA dairy farmers. Kirk is widely connected within the WA dairy industry stemming from previous roles with CSBP and as a former director of Western Dairy.

Email: Kirk.Reynolds@westerndairy.com.au

Dr Peter Hutton - Dairy Research Scientist

Peter Hutton joined Western Dairy in June 2017 as our full time dairy scientist. A former dairy farmer, dairy lecturer and now research scientist Peter’s area of speciality is ruminant nutrition and pastures. His work will be very much focused on applied science and focusing on projects that have particular relevance to the specific needs of the WA dairy industry, which is characterised by its large dairy herds and pasture-dominant feeding system – two elements that bring with them some very specific needs and priorities.

Email: peter.hutton@westerndairy.com.au


Jessica Andony – Research and Extension Officer

Jess Andony is the Hub’s Research and Extension Officer as well as carrying out the role of Young Dairy Network Coordinator for WA. She holds a Bachelor of Animal Science with Dairy Science Honours from Murdoch University and comes from a dairy background in the south west of WA.  Jess is extremely well networked within the Australian dairy community and, being the Hub’s youngest initial staff member, she represents a key aspect of the Hub’s succession planning strategy.

Email: jessica@westerndairy.com.au

Jessica Andony

Rob La Grange – Dairy Training

Rob La Grange has re-joined Western Dairy after a 9-month stint in Fiji, to head up our dairy training program. Western Dairy has negotiated an industry-first relationship with South Regional TAFE whereby Western Dairy is the contracted provider of dairy training. Rob works 2 days a week to work with dairy trainees and those undertaking Cert IV in Agriculture (Dairy) to fulfil their training needs, using industry-accredited and recognised training resources. Western Dairy is particularly proud to have our own ‘in-house’ trainer – which gives us great confidence in the quality and relevance of the training we provide.

Email: rob.lagrange@westerndairy.com.au

Rob La Granges

Dan Parnell – Project Officer

Agronomist Dan Parnell heads up several key projects for Western Dairy. He is the project officer for our Department of Water/Western Dairy Dairycare project that is undertaking reviews of effluent systems throughout the dairying region. Dan has completed an effluent design course and undergone extensive training in this field and is enjoying the challenge of working with farmers to produce working effluent systems that deliver on-farm benefit as well as improved water quality outcomes within their catchment area. Dan also works with fellow consultant Sam Taylor on the Smarter Irrigation Project.

Email: agsure@iinet.net.au

Jessica Andony

Sam Taylor - Technical services (Contractor)

Sam Taylor is a highly respected agronomist, who is contracted to Western Dairy via Dairy Australia to provide a range of services in the natural resource management area. In addition to his agronomy skills, Sam is an accredited designer of dairy farm effluent systems.

Email: sam@agvivo.com.au

Sam Taylor

Tammy Negus - Feedbase and Human Resources (Contractor)

Tammy Negus is an agronomist by training but in recent years has added a diploma of human resource management (dairy) to her skill set. Tammy leads the feedbase discussion group and is editor of our much loved Feedtrough newsletter. She is an advocate for the Western Dairy Rumen8 tool and playing a key role in helping get Rumen8 on the road in WA. Tammy’s Human Resource qualification means she is also able to deliver People in Dairy training courses under the auspices of Dairy Australia and working with WA dairy farmers to help them appreciate the dairy industry’s Employment Starter Kit or ESKi as it is known.

Email: tammy.negus@gmail.com

Tammy Negus

Richard Morris – Rumen8 Project developer (Contractor)

Richard Morris is an agricultural IT consultant with many years of experience in dairy research, computer modelling and programming. His skills include spreadsheet and VBA model development, Windows .Net software and iOS App development. Richard is the developer and co-creator of the ruminant nutrition package Rumen8 that is used across Australia and internationally and is a key research / extension component within the proposed Hub work plan. He was a Dairy Research Officer with the Department of Agriculture and Food WA from 2000 to 2013 and his areas of expertise include intensive pasture management, forage conservation and cattle nutrition with a sound knowledge of dairy systems. He has tertiary qualifications in zoology and computer science.

Email: richard@rwmorris.com.au

Richard Morris

Dr Martin Staines – Senior Research Scientist (Contractor)

Dr. Martin Staines has been one of the key providers of dairy research services to the WA (and national) dairy industry for many years through his Research Officer role in the Department of Agriculture and Food, WA. His input into the Hub, especially through the transitional and establishment phases, is critical to ensuring a smooth transition from government-led to industry-led dairy R, D and E. Martin holds tertiary qualifications in agriculture and ruminant nutrition and holds a PhD in nutritional biochemistry (University of New England). Consequently, much of his experience has been in assessing and improving dairy herd feeding systems including both pasture and feed-based practices. However, his skills and experience, which have been obtained over a career spanning more than 30 years to date, also include research, project management and extension and communication. Access to Martin’s skills and experiences, especially in the area feedbase management, is essential to the success of the current suite of Hub projects.

Email: martin@leucacreek.com.au

Dr Martin Staines
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