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Western Dairy Spring field day and AGM

Tuesday, November 29 at the Vasse Research Station

Western Dairy’s annual spring field day and AGM is coming up. We have a great program for you as well as the requirement to conduct our AGM. This year’s AGM includes a notice of motion for several constitutional changes:

  • Item 8.5:  Western Dairy directors have identified a need to at times, increase the skills and capacity on the board, especially when there is a high requirement on farmer directors. Our current director composition includes two non-farmers. The motion that has been put for the members to consider, is a motion that gives the board capacity to second up to two additional directors, if it is determined that there is a skills-gap/shortage on the current board.
  • Balance of Items: In July 2016, new state legislation came into effect which in effect increases the governance component of not-for-profit incorporated Associations. Each registered Association has three years in which to update their constitution to comply. Given our recommendation to update Item 8.5, the directors have recommended we take the same opportunity to put in place the required additions to the constitution to become compliant.   These changes are all additions the current constitution and have been highlighted yellow for ease of viewing.

Please view the relevant documents here:
Spring field day program and rsvp form
Notice of Western Dairy AGM agenda and motions
Proposed changes to the constitution
Western Dairy financials FY 1516

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