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Human Resource Management, more commonly called ‘HR’ can be a difficult one the get right on farm. The employment starter kit initiative, eSKI, is a great resource that covers everything from pay rates to time sheet templates, and can be easily used by farmers to help in the management space. Western Dairy has available Tammy Negus to cover any questions you might have about eSKI and also provide you with a hard copy version. Due to the ever changing nature of pay rates the eSKI is updated regularly. The latest version can be easily downloaded from the People in Dairy Website, and for those that would prefer a hard copy, the updates are emailed to everyone with a registered version of the eSKI so they may be printed out and added to the file

People in Dairy:

Below is a list of resources that have been taken directly from the eSKI and also from the People in Dairy Generator. The People in Dairy Generator is a handy tool to assist with developing specific employee descriptions. Western Dairy worked with a local dairy business to develop an employee description template for a calf rearer and a farm hand, these can be downloaded and used immediately by farmers. They are also able to be edited to be specific for your farm. There are many more templates like these that be designed by using the generator tool, which is available on the People in Dairy website using the following link:

The People in Dairy Generator Instructions

The July 2016 ESKi Update

Tackling Pay Rates 2015

Overtime vs Ordinary Hours Factsheet

Safety Starter Kit



Employee Contract Template and Information

Employee Details Form Template and Information for Employers

Farm Hand Employee Description Template

Payslip Template

Calf Manager Employee Description Template

Performance Appraisal Template

Roster Template

Timesheet Blank

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