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Western Dairy reports directly to Dairy Australia but also formally to industry through WA Farmers Dairy Section.

Western Dairy is managed by a five-member Board, with support from several advisory panel members and a part time Executive Officer (1.5 days per week)

The Board comprises:

  • Minimum 3 and maximum 4 dairy farmers, one of whom must be the Chair and three at least must be members of Dairy Australia
  • Minimum 1, maximum 2 persons with complementary industry skills as determined by the operational and strategic needs of the Board at the time of appointment.


Board members are appointed for a three year term, with an option of renominating for a second term. An industry-led selection panel is appointed each year to interview and select candidates for any Board vacancies. The selection panel is chaired by the Chairperson of the WA Farmers Dairy Section. Other members of the panel include:

  • A former Board member of Western Dairy
  • Two other persons with recognised industry experience

Western Dairy also schedules a biennial review of its Memorandum of Understanding with WA Farmers, to ensure that communication and alignment between policy and research is optimised.

Our Board

Western Dairy Research, Extension and Training

The hub of Western Dairy’s activity comes out of our Bunbury office, which is co-located with our strategic partner, South West Catchments Council and where all the activities are managed by our agribusiness team leader Kirk Reynolds.

Western Dairy is proud to have its own dairy research team – charged with the responsibility of the undertaking research projects that directly address the needs that are specific to our climate, soil types and dairy farm production systems that are unique to the south west of Western Australia.

Our dairy science team have a particular specialty in ruminant nutrition and agronomy and their skills are central to our offering a service that is relevant to local needs.

Click here for an overview of our current research projects.

But what is research without the capacity to share the findings with our farmers and do so in manner that optimises the chances of our farm businesses adopting the findings?

The Western Dairy board has identified seven key priority areas that it will focus on in the interests of optimising our service to the WA dairy industry.

These priority areas become the focus of Western Dairy’s activities, with discussion groups, field days, study tours and Young Dairy Network (YDN) activities all linked to these priorities and delivering quality information, services and tools that relate to business, feedbase, animal management, environmental management systems and human resources.

Overlaying this, is our dairy training program.

Under a new relationship with South Regional TAFE, Western Dairy will be the coordination and delivery point for all accredited dairy training in WA.



Business Capacity

To nurture and develop a culture where by farmers make decisions that are clearly linked to key profit drivers of the farm’s business success in order to more effectively manage pricing volatility and to take advantage of growth and investment opportunities as they arise.


Optimising feedbase systems

To help WA dairy farmers develop the skills and attitude to optimise the productivity and efficient optimisation and utilisation of the feedbase system.


Optimising Animal Performance

To help WA dairy farmers develop the skills and attitude to optimise the health, welfare and productivity of their herd, from calf to breeding unit.


Strive to achieve Environmental best practise

To help WA dairy farmers develop the skills and attitude to optimise the environmental and economic efficiency of nutrient utilisation and application on farm.


Human Resource Development

To earn a reputation whereby WA dairy farmers are recognised as being ‘preferred employers’ resulting in a greater capacity to attract, train, build skills and retain quality staff who are proud of their career in the WA dairy industry.


Industry image

To lead a whole-of-industry approach to earning a reputation where the community values the WA dairy industry and recognises it as an industry of best-practise animal and land managers


Excellence in governance and communications

To maintain and grow Western Dairy’s reputation as an effective, sustainable and professional organisation, with clear alignment and connectivity to Dairy Australia.

Our Staff

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